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Back to Back Camping Weekends

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Brooklyn Robot Foundry

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Our friend, Jackie let me know about a free workshop at the Brooklyn Robot Foundry put on by a group called Spark Truck. The kids had fun creating (though, I am glad I didn’t pay for the event because in my opinion, it was a bit simple)!

Coney Island!

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Who’s up for an afternoon at Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park in Coney Island? WE ARE!!!

The kids had a fabulous time and even rode their very first roller coaster (the Sea Serpent) together! We then went over to the beach and played for a few moments in the sand, but the wind was so strong, it made beach time less enjoyable (at least for me).

Playdate in the Park

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We met up with our long lost friends, Julien and Jackie at the park for some soccer, baseball and dirt digging. Dirt digging was probably the favorite activity!

Brooklyn Bridge Walk

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The last time we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, Bryce was still being carried in the Bjorn! We needed to give Audrey a chance to cross (and a chance for Bryce to remember) so off we headed across the bridge with Michael and Macky. When we arrived on the other side, we toured around South Street Seaport, ate a bit of lunch and then took the ferry back across to Brooklyn. The ferry dropped us off right in front of the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory so we HAD to have a cone before heading home for a good night sleep!

A Sure Bet…

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We were in Las Vegas for a family vacation with Oma, Grandpa Monkey, Derek, Carrie, Alanna, Trevor and Gavin and had a great time! The kids played non-stop! We saw a show, lots of sights on the strip and spent a ton of time in the pool!

Cold Spring, NY

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We took a day trip to the small village of Cold Spring, which consists of a quaint Main Street, railway station and lots of tracks, beautiful views of the Hudson and Breakneck Mountain, and an ice cream store. Between the trains and the ice cream, the kids were pretty content. When you add in the flock of wild turkeys and multiple deer (including fawns) we saw, the kids were ecstatic and ready to move to the area immediately!

Face Painting 101

Bryce_ Jul 22, 2013 9-47 AM

Bryce is determined to learn how to face paint and then wants to set up a booth on the sidewalk and paint faces (for a price). I am not willing to release him with paint and a brush on the general public without more practice, so Audrey was his guinea pig. Audrey, not wanting to be left out, tried out her skills on Bryce. Bryce then turned the brush on himself and created a giant dragon “tatoo” on his arm. He is pretty convinced that he has practiced enough now and is ready to try selling his talents!Bryce_ Jul 22, 2013 10-031

Bryce_ Jul 22, 2013 3-013

Congratulations, Nate and Anna-Kate!

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We attended the wedding of one of our favorite employees, Nate, this weekend. He and Anna-Kate put together a beautiful and fun wedding weekend in the Catskills and we were so touched to be included. Bryce loved the wedding and asked me when Jeremy and I were going to get married. He was so disappointed to hear that it had already happened! Bryce is now campaigning for us to renew our vows so he and Audrey can be in the wedding, too. Also, he wants us to have the disposable toothbrushes at our “wedding” like he found at Nate and Anna-Kate’s reception. It was a really late night on Saturday and Bryce managed to sleep for an extra hour and then was ready to go swimming in the hotel pool before we headed back to Brooklyn!


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